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We provide solutions to the climate problems caused by harmful emissions as a result of fuel combustion caused by car and truck engines to protect our planet from air pollution and the damage caused by it, as the means of transport contributes 25% of carbon dioxide emissions. Flowtex, the first company in the Middle East to operate in carbon-emission transport through the presence of transport patterns of different types powered by electric power and green hydrogen and does not produce any harmful gases. The company is working on the existence of electric transport trucks that do not produce any harmful emissions, and the presence of electric-powered passenger transport vehicles that do not produce any harmful emissions. Flowtex extends to delivery services for home orders, as this sector is one of the most developed sectors, especially in the period of the Corona crisis, which contributed significantly to the growth of this sector, which led to an increase in fuel-powered steam grades and thus increasing the harmful gases resulting from fuel combustion

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of greenhouse gas emissions in Egypt are caused by road transport


trucks, buses, lorries


CArs & Vans
Proportion of global CO2 emissions that comes from transportation


Proportion of the global population living where air pollution exceeds WHO limits


Metric tons of greenhouse gases that will be emitted from the transport sector in 2050 without further policy action


Degrees Celsius of global warming that can be avoided over the next 25 years by decarbonizing transportation

Every country across Middle East is facing very different challenges when it comes to clean mobility. But we believe that together we can build a zeroemission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate and environment

our shipping services


By 2035, flottex plans to build up to 600 carbon-neutral delivery bases across the Middle East. From these new locations, service providers will deliver mail and parcels to households in their respective delivery areas. All new buildings will have the following green solutions:

  • 1 Photovoltaic systems to convert solar energy into electricity
  • 2 Heat pumps in conjunction with underfloor heating, providing building heat free from fossil fuels
  • 3 Building automation for smart control of building technology andcollection of energy data
  • 4 Battery storage to store solar power
  • 5 Electric vehicles for carbon-neutral mail and parcel deliveries
  • 6 E-vehicle charging infrastructure
  • 7 E-trikes - three-wheeled e-cargo bikes for environmentally friendlyinner-city delivery of mail and small parcels
Bulding the future of transport together

journey to net-zero

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